Interesting Facts about Goggles for Glasses

Goggles are protective equipment used for the eyes. They come in different types and perform different functions. When you are choosing goggles, choose one that is comfortable and flattering to the shape of your face.

Everyone can agree that glasses for goggles may not always be the most fashionable eyewear out there, but they do have a lot of important functions other than correcting your vision problems. The industry however is continuously coming up with better versions and those who require wearing glasses now have a fairly wider range of prescription goggles to choose from. These goggles are available in most standard prescriptions and companies can now produce goggles with varying prescription for each eye of your goggles.

Companies are also carrying a complete catalog of spare parts such as eye seals or extra straps so you wouldn’t have to replace the whole goggle if a certain part wears out. There are even do-it-yourself optical goggles available in the market, which allows you to purchase each lens and conveniently fit into an optical pulse kit.

Origin of goggles

The first ever pair of goggles that came to be was carved out by Eskimos from wood and shell, and caribou antler. The original goggles had a curved shape to fit its user’s face as well as a large groove cut to allow for the nose. To allow in some amount of light in the goggles, a long slit was cut through it. The goggles used a caribou sinew made cord to hold it in place in the user’s head.

In the early part of the 20th century, goggles were utilized by uncovered car drivers to keep dust and wind from the eyes and prevent irritation. Likewise, about ten years after the first airplane was invented in 1903, goggles became absolutely necessary as wind blow became more intense on a speeding aircraft, and bugstrikes became more likely upon reaching high altitudes.

Function of goggles for glasses

There are many reasons to wear your goggles for glasses aside from the most obvious reason of correcting problems in your vision. They can be used to protect your eyes against dust, optical radiation, glare, strong impact, chemical splashes and heat. Glasses for goggles also help you engage in different jobs and sports that would have been impossible for you to do with a faulty vision.

Goggles are also famous as a fashion statement in specific subcultures. It is most often seen in the cybergoth subculture where it is worn over the eyes or usually up on the forehead in order to secure ‘falls’: these are long, synthetic, brightly coloured hairpieces. Notable steampunk-styled goggles are also worn by fans of the steampunk genre, especially on live performance action role-playing games. Goggles are also used by manga and anime characters as fashion statement.

Factors to consider when choosing goggles

Comfort should ideally be on top of the list. Wearing goggles that are ill-fitted can cause you great discomfort. Next you have to choose the right rim to suit the shape of your face. Faces have 7 basic shapes: round, square, oblong, oval, diamond, triangle and inverted triangle. For each shape there are specific frames and sizes, and forms that are most suitable and flattering.

Typical types of goggles

  1. Protective goggles – Safety goggles are made mainly to protect the eyes from harmful chemicals, foreign objects, and extreme temperatures. Unlike other types of goggles, safety glasses are made of glass or polycarbonate lenses. The latter is a very tough, high-resistant and high-grade plastic lens. Safety goggles are made to resist scratches and chemical exposures.
  2. Swimming goggles- These are very important part of every swimming uniform. It doesn’t matter if you are swimming just for fun or competitively, goggles can help protect your eyes from harmful pool chemicals and impacts. Swimming goggles also allow you to express your individual sense of style and most importantly, they enhance your swimming performance.
  3. Biking goggles – Cycling goggles have wrap-around eye protection. It protects bikers from cold air, bright sunlight, flying insects and other hazards that bikers often encounter on the road. Since cycling goggles entirely cover the eyes it offers better protection than sunglasses. When choosing goggles to use for cycling, choose one that can shield your eyes from problems that are common to the region where you are biking.



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